my name is fiona.

No, that’s not the name on my birth certificate, but it’s the name I’ve always used to distinguish the one person inside me from the other. Fiona is the girl that the drugs turned me into; that other girl is long dead. I don’t have the heart to tell that to my family. Right now, my head is pretty jumbled up, being as this is my first post on my first blog ever. I post dumb shit and nature videos on facebook, but facebook doesn’t offer the same anonymity that here does; here, I can say whatever the fuck I want, whatever goes through my head. But, there’s a lot of shit that goes through my head, every day. Maybe one day, I’ll get to it all. For now, I’m just going to tell you about my current situation and a little bit about how I got there, so here we go.


It’s Always Something

Hey guys. Already I’ve been slacking on updating this as much as I’d like to, just goes to show what being so depressed can do to your goals. I’m still waiting to increase my dose- since my last post, I’ve been talking to a few people, whom all of which definitely recommended I go up… 55 milligrams just isn’t cutting it. This morning I went into the clinic, and I was told I could either see the doctor on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday after 7, which is a pain in the ass, since my man takes me before he goes to work at 7 in the morning. I can’t do it Thursday, either, because I have court for a stupid fucking traffic ticket. If your shit is suspended, don’t drive, dude- it seriously ain’t worth it.