Hey guys. My name is Fiona, and I’m a nineteen year old recovering heroin addict. I started this blog to try and sort out my thoughts, as well as to possibly help anybody who’s been in the same situation that might be reading this. I’m from New Jersey, and I’ve been using opiates since I was thirteen years old. I’ve been more or less trying and failing to stay clean since I was put on probation in September, 2016. This is my first blog, so please bear with me for a little while until I get into the swing of things. I’m going to try to post daily, if not, definitely weekly, to try and track my progress with various things that I’m going through. Aside from my addiction, I’m just a normal person. I love to draw, listen to music, smoke some bud, and hang out with nature. I love being outside, I love animals way more than I love people. I’m all about hiking, fishing, camping, getting dirty- I’m all about enjoying myself and enjoying what life has to offer. My dream is to be able to see every type of landscape the world has to offer before I croak.